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This Is How We Roll
Been soooo busy recently. Not had a chance to relax.

Been working at my new job since last Monday. I really like it, but it's mega stressful. Constant phone calls. It's money at the end of the week so i wont be complaining :)

My little cousin was in a dance show over the weekend. had to travel to Stirling to take all the family there and then do all the driving around all weekend. Was not pleased but never mind. Had a little time to relax on the Sunday with my girl when I got back to Perth.

We played X Box and I had dinner at her house. She gave me a surprise early birthday present. She got me a PSP :D I was SO surprised and happy. Amazing present. She knows me so well :)

So back to work as of today. I'm really starting to feel the effect of having no down time. proper tired.

So due to this i'm going to head off to sleep soon, after Big Brother. (Yes, I watch it. And yes, I love it. I'm SO easily amused).

I love my girlfriend so much. When i'm down about myself or feeling scared or like i cant do something, she is the voice in my head telling me i can do anything. She makes me want to be a better person. With her by my side i can do anything. I love her.

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My back was lots better today. I went down into Perth in the morning for my interview, and I thought it went really well. I left feeling really happy =]

When i got home, and got out of my Interview suit, my phone rang. I answered and found out that I got the job. I kept cool on the phone and said how grateful i was. as soon as i hung up i did a little celebration dance, then told my aunt. she was very pleased.

I waited til my girl arrived at my house, then told her. Multiple hugs for me =]

We were really happy as now we can move in for sure in about a months time. To celebrate, we went to the park to relax. It was SO HOT. We lay there and talked for a couple of hours, it was really nice to have some time to ourselves. She seemed really relaxed and happy. I liked that.

We left the park and got some ice cream, it was then I noticed that my arms and face were bright red. oh well!

So now i'm at home laying in my bed with aloe vera all over my face and arms, watching Britains Got Talent, the final. I always seem to be stuck in bed with some sort of minor injury. *sigh* at least i don't miss my shows.

I have never been this happy in my entire life.

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So, I had the day to myself today, and as it was a nice warm day I decided to get my bike out the garage and go for a cycle round the farm roads.

As I was lifting it free from the tangle of lawn mowers and gardening tools, my back went out of control in some weird spasm attack. since then i haven't been able to move at all. Oh joy. This has happened loads of times in the past so I'm used to the routine. couple of strips of pain killers, jug of summer fruits juice, laying flat in my bed straight in front of the tv with loads of munchies.

Luckily there's plenty to choose from tonight so i wont be bored. Champions League Final, yay for football. Greys Anatomy Catch Up, yay for repeats. And The Apprentice, yay for business people.

I hope everyone else has a nice evening of dancing and shaking their booties. cos im stuck right where i am. but i'm happy about it =]

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Well, me and my girlfriend have been saving up and planning to move to Dundee for some time now. We've been together for almost a year and a half and can't wait to live together.

I've been searching for Dundee jobs for months now, and have been getting nowhere.

Today, as if by magic, my girls father has a new proposal for us. One of the properties he owns has become available, and he has told us that we can move in there if we so wish. Only thing is, the flat is in Perth.

Now, we've talked it through together and we've decided we'd love to live here in Perth together. I, however, have a job interview in Dundee tomorrow. Should I go to it? Is it pointless? We don't know.

All I know is I can't wait to live with this beautiful girl, and I'll be doing my best to have us moved in before the summer is out.

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